Project details

Derakane Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins Tank Installation

CustomerVarious Acid Neutralizing Plants
LocationUnited Kingdom
Project executed on2017
Market segmentChemical processing

Project description


The tank has been manufactured with DERAKANE 411 epoxy vinyl ester resin and acid resistant glass by chop-hoop-winding (combination of computer controlled winding and spraying techniques). The chemical barrier layer is 5 mm (200 mils) thick.

Technical Data

8 No GRP Storage Tanks Diameter: 4.0 m (157 in) Height (Tan-to-Tan): 12.75 m (41.8 ft)

Service Conditions

Hydrochloric Acid (36%) Design Temperature: -20 to +50ºC (-68 to + 122°F)

Design / Comment

Designed and manufactured according to the standard BS EN 13121-3 (2016).