Piping Systems

Plasticon UK have a worldwide reputation in providing pipework systems and fittings.  Pipework is available in diameters from 25 to 800 mm. 

GRP pipe gives high strength whilst being light weight with excellent corrosion resistance and provides customers with a superior alternative to costly metal alloys and rubber-lined steel. 

Available in either straight GRP or Dual Laminate piping systems dependant on your fluid handling needs.


We have a dedicated design and engineering team experienced with the design of all GRP, GRE, Thermoplastic and Dual Laminate Pipework Systems and can undertake the full on-site routing surveys, field measure, drawings (AutoCAD and 3D Solid Modelling) Support design and Stress Analysis using the latest modelling software to ensure our systems are perfectly designed to ensure uninterrupted, trouble free long term service. 

On-Site Construction

Plasticon UK can off a full range of options from direct material supply to full turn-key solutions.  With our dedicated Field Installation Team install, support, joint and test all systems manufactured in-house and proprietary Thermoplastic and GRE Systems available in today's market.  Whether your piping system is complex or standard, underground or above ground, at sea or in a confined space, we have the right solution.


Plasticon UK, manufacture and install GRP piping and Dual Laminate piping systems, auxiliary piping systems, cooling water piping systems, underground piping systems, process piping systems.