Hydrochloric Acid (36%) Storage Tanks

Acid Neutralizing Plants, Various locations in the United Kingdom, Chemical processing,
Location / Year Installed in 2017 for Acid Neutralizing Plants at various locations in the United Kingdom. Fabricator Plasticon UK Limited, Hull, United Kingdom. Member of Plasticon Composites. Fabrication The tank has been manufactured with DERAKANE...

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Hydrochloric Acid Tank 4.0 m Ø on transport .jpg

Ineos - 8.0 m Ø Storage Tank - Liverpool

Ineos, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Chemical processing,
Plasticon received an enquiry from Ineos  for a replacement acid effluent storage tank of 750 m3. The   purpose of the tank is to store the HCl acidified brine at a pH value of 1, which comes from the evaporators after they have been cleaned. The temperature of the brine would be up to 100 ⁰C.

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Storage Tank, INEOS, Liverpool, UK

Turn-key supply at caustic soda and ethylene dichloride plant

Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd, Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Chemical processing,
In March 2013, Plasticon Composites completed the SAMAPCO project at the CA/EDC plant in Al-Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Daelim Industrial Ltd., Korean EPC, was awarded the contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of the plant.

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Piping project at AO Kaustic

Uhdenora, Pavlodar, Chemical processing,
Plasticon Composites was responsible for the supply and supervision at installation of around 2.1 km of piping and more than 352 SKEW’s covering the required accessories. Uhdenora, an important player in the market of chemical processing, is a knowledge...

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Piping systems on site

Produquimica Industria e Comercio S.A.

Uhdenora, Sao Paolo, Chemical processing,
Plasticon Composites was responsible for the delivery of  seven process tanks for skid mounted Chlor Alkali plant in Brazil, containing Anolyte Acidification Pot , Dechlorinated Brine Tank, Wet Chlorine Mist Eliminator , Chlorine Absorption Tower, Chlorine...

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