Salt Saturators

The BS series Brine Mixing Stations are all fully featured state of the art machines. The system is designed to produce brine for the purpose of Road Surface Condition Management during the winter season, specifically to treat the roads for frost, ice and snow.

Brine is a liquid solution made up of salt and fresh water. The ideal concentration of brine for road treatment applications is typically 22-23%. This concentration has been shown to be the most effective in both treating the road surface and also in maintaining the stability of the solution for long term storage.

Our Brine Mixing Stations are designed to produce brine at this concentration with no user intervention. This achieved by using a closed loop control system where the custom designed electronics uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the valves that supply water to dissolve the dry salt.

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Key Features

  • Fully automatic brine production
  • Production rate of between 1,500 & 5,000l/hr (dependant on mains flow rate)
  • Pumping rate of up to 350L/min
  • Automatic control and replenishment of external storage tanks
  • Pipework actively frost protected
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • SMS messaging of system errors and salt status
  • Pumping & production logs (remote viewing)
  • Remote support & diagnostics
  • Modular design (additional storage tanks)
  • Simple Single-phase 240Vac supply


Our thoughts and impressions – bearing in mind we have used Peacock saturators in Area 12, when operating out of Area 10 Brinnington depot – This system is best I have seen in six years. I would encourage you to arrange a visit to look at their saturators – I am pushing for one this season in Area 12 but will most definitely go for these when we win rebid Area 12

Mr. Kevin Hoare Resilience & Winter Manager A-One+



WinterTech Systems - BS7000 Salt Saturator

The BS7000 is the flagship saturator, which includes our proven BS series control system. The model is manufactured as two systems, a MINI station which provides 10,000L of gross internal storage and the MAXI station gives a larger 22,000L capacity. A telehandler, auger or silo can used to fill the unit with Salt.

Technical Specification

  • Configurable to produce any concentration of brine from 0-26%
  • BS Series control system
  • MINI or MAXI option
  • Automated brine production
  • Frost protected pipework
  • MINI Production Chamber Volume: 3,200L Gross
  • MINI Storage Chamber Volume: 10,000L Gross
  • MAXI Production Chamber Volume: 5,000L Gross
  • MAXI Storage Chamber Volume: 22,000L Gross
  • Material: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • Automatic storage tank replenishment with storage capability up to 500,000L

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WinterTech Systems - BS6000 Salt Saturator

The BS6000 is our compact entry level low cost brine saturator, however it still contains the same proven control systems used on the BS7000 Series units. The internal production and storage chambers are smaller in comparison to the BS7000 and is ideal for smaller brine production requirements and can be upgraded by adding additional storage tanks should additional capacity be required in the future.

The latest design development for 2016 reduces the ‘installed’ footprint of the BS6000 Series by 30% and retains the following key features\benefits:

Technical Specification

  • BS Series control system
  • Automated brine production
  • 1500 to 3000L/hour production
  • Up to 350L/min pumping
  • Remote support capability
  • Frost protected pipework
  • SMS error messaging
  • Automatic storage tank replenishment (if fitted)
  • Production Chamber Volume: 5000L Gross
  • Storage Chamber Volume: 5000L Gross
  • Material: GRP (manufactured by machine controlled manufacturing process for optimal design and production efficiency)
  • Loading Options: Teleporter, JCB, Silo, Auger, Hand Loading via Salt Bags

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BS6000 & BS7000 Key Features

Find out below the key features in Automatic Production, Dynamic User Interface and the Remote Support.

Automatic Production

Brine production on the BS series is completely automatic. Once the saturator has sufficient salt and water all the operator is required to do is press “Start Production” and the control system handles the rest. Brine production begins with the control system dissolving the salt crystals to an unprocessed state of 26-27% concentration. The control system detects the brine percentage and opens up a proportional valve to add fresh water to the brine. The fresh water dilutes the concentrated brine until it detects a concentration of 22-23% for winter services use. (The BS series can be configured to produce any concentration of brine you may require from 0-26%).

Production will continue with the control system by automatically adjusting the brine percentage until the Storage Chamber is full. Production will automatically halt until more space is available in the Storage Chamber. In the halted state the BS series control system will trigger an amber strobe to physically display that the Storage Chamber is full. If an operator pumps brine out of the Storage Chamber, production will automatically re-commence without any user input.

Dynamic User Interface

The user interface on the BS series has been designed to maximise efficiency. Every aspect of the production and pumping processes can be viewed on the 11” display. System information is displayed in real time and continually logged. All logs can then be viewed locally on the machine, stored in a folder and viewed remotely from any internet enabled device.

Emphasis has been placed on designing a control system which requires very little formal training to operate. The layout of the BS series software is easy to read and everything is explained through on-site training and via our comprehensive user manuals. Our system interface reads data from the various sensors and the system interface circuit board is designed in-house is purpose built for the BS series.

The system interface has carefully designed with spare inputs\outputs to allow for potential expansion and futureproof your saturator. This could include extra pumps, valves, truck fill sensors and storage tanks, all of which can be purchased from and installed by Plasticon UK.

Remote Support

One of the most significant features of the BS series is remote support capability. Each BS series saturator has the ability to be remotely accessed via the internet which gives to both the us and the end user the capability to operate, maintain, upgrade and diagnose without physically visiting site. Most issues are easily resolved remotely but if the problem requires it, a site visit can be made with the technician arriving on site already knowing exactly what is wrong with the machine. With any other brine saturator it could potentially require more than one site visit in order to diagnose and then to fix a problem.

By allowing remote access in combination with an SMS messaging module the user you will know exactly what each saturator is doing at any stage. This avoids the stress of physically checking each saturator in person to verify correct operation. In the depths of winter this kind of feature can be invaluable, especially when running full wet brine operations 24 hours a day.

Periodic system software updates for new features and bug fixes are necessary for any system and our brine saturator is no different. The BS series does not require a site visit for a system update. Instead we can log-in remotely and send over the updated software package. The new software version can be installed in a matter of seconds. The entire update process can be completed in about 2-3 minutes. At worst case, brine production will be stopped for no longer than 5 minutes!

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