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The benefits of choosing either a GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) Tank or a Dual Laminate Tank as a competitive alternative to stainless steel is that they offer excellent corrosion resistance, being light weight, high strength with a long service life.

Plasticon UK offers a wide range of solutions for storing fluids or solids, these can be made from either full GRP or dual laminate materials. From our experience, we know that every application has its own specific requirements, our storage solutions include detailed engineering, manufacturing, transportation and installation.

Accepted throughout most industries as the best solution for the storage of most chemicals and liquids with flexibility of temperature ranges and chemical barriers GRP could be the answer to your storage needs. 

Our production facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies, we can adapt to all local requirements and manufacture up to 5 metres from our UK base and over 20 metres width\height as a single piece construction.

Our GRP Tanks are designed, engineered and manufactured to BS EN 13121-3:2016.


Plasticon UK, specialists in: storage tanks, acid storage, chemical storage tanks, GRP storage tanks and Dual Laminate storage tanks.