Avoid the big freeze with WinterTech Salt Saturators

Continuing on from the successful delivery of 7 Automatic Brine Saturators into Scotland in November 2014 Plasticon UK in close Partnership with WinterTech Systems have delivered the first four BS7000 Models into the North East of England (Area 7) for Highways Integrated Services giant AONE+.


Our thoughts and impressions – bearing in mind we have used Peacock saturators in Area 12, when operating out of Area 10 Brinnington depot – This system is best I have seen in six years. I would encourage you to arrange a visit to look at their saturators – I am pushing for one this season in Area 12 but will most definitely go for these when we win rebid Area 12

Mr. Kevin Hoare Resilience & Winter Manager A-One+

The first units into England followed a maiden showing of the WinterTech products at the 2015 Cold Comfort Event which was immediately followed by a number of high profile Demonstration Events at Plasticon UK where a fully working Demo Unit is installed.

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As of October 2015 a replacement BS6000 Series Model is in development to replace the existing double Rectangular Unit and will have a smaller 5,000 Litre Storage Capacity to service smaller site\depots and can be filled without mechanical equipment from ground level. Drawing on the robust technology of the market leading BS7000 Series model the new design is currently being developed by Plasticon UK for market release in early 2016 using the very latest SolidWorks 3D CAD Software.

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