Highways England Contractors Choose Plasticon UK Brine Saturators

Brine Saturator Filling Spreader

Filling Salt Saturator

BS600 Brine Saturator Technical Drawing

The partnership of Plasticon UK and WinterTech Systems continues going from strength to strength with yet another brine saturator system on its way to a client.

Combining the manufacturing capability and expertise alongside the innovative state of the art technology within our saturators, another of our clients are prepared for winter.

As more companies continue to invest in new technology to improve their businesses, additional Highways England contractors have chosen to use brine saturators in areas 13 & 14 covering the North East and North West of England.

This follows the successful delivery of our brine saturators in North East Scotland for BEAR Scotland, in the South of England for A-one+ and in the Midlands for Highways Integrated Services Giant Kier Highways.

With our brine saturators now covering 4 of the 14 areas in England, drivers can rest assured knowing they are safer on the roads than ever before.

Why use a Brine Saturator?

The purchase of these new brine saturators sees the continuing trend of moving away from the more traditional grit spreading.

Some of the main reasons to switch to Brine Saturators are listed below:

  • Reduced salt consumption by up to 78%
  • Application lasts up to 6 times longer
  • Liquid provides better coverage to surfaces
  • Vehicles can apply brine at higher speeds making the process quicker
  • Can be applied up to 2 days before expected snow/ice
  • Reduces environmental impact compared to traditional methods

Still not convinced? You can find more information on our salt saturators page and view a customer testimonial in our article – Avoid the big winter freeze with WinterTech salt saturators.

Interested in finding out more about how we can help you prepare for winter? Contact us today for more information.