Salt Saturator BS6000

The BS6000 is our compact entry level low cost brine saturator, however it still contains the same proven control systems used on the BS7000 Series units. The internal production and storage chambers are smaller in comparison to the BS7000 and is ideal for smaller brine production requirements and can be upgraded by adding additional storage tanks should additional capacity be required in the future.

The latest design development for 2016 reduces the ‘installed’ footprint of the BS6000 Series by 30% and retains the following key features\benefits:


  • BS Series control system
  • Automated brine production
  • 1500 to 3000L/hour production
  • Up to 350L/min pumping
  • Remote support capability
  • Frost protected pipework
  • SMS error messaging
  • Automatic storage tank replenishment (if fitted)
  • Production Chamber Volume: 5000L Gross
  • Storage Chamber Volume: 5000L Gross
  • Material: GRP (manufactured by machine controlled manufacturing process for optimal design and production efficiency)
  • Loading Options: Teleporter, JCB, Silo, Auger, Hand Loading via Salt Bags

Benefits of the BS6000

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to Inspect